Spinnerbait - Swimbait
Spinnerbait - Swimbait "PREDATOR" Blue Back

Spinnerbait - Swimbait "PREDATOR" Blue Back

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A spinnerbait & swimbait hybrid, comes with a color matched swimbait to skirt combination to provide a new a realistic look. This swimbait, blade, skirt and double hook combination allows for a slow roll retrieve with lots of thump and vibration. The optional slow presentation along with the vibration allows bass to see and feel the bait in many water conditions. With total quality built into every bait, such as powder coated head, ultra sharp large hooks, premium silicone skirts and double glued eyes, these baits will be around a while. Take a look at the different color choice and take one with you on your next fishing trip. We're confident you'll enjoy the way this bait looks, performs and produces.
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